now & ZEN
is a company that has emerged from the belief that joy comes
from doing what you love.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to make art.....if
I'm not making it, I'm probably thinking about making it.  After
earning a degree in Interior Design with a Fine Arts minor, I
spent almost 15 years designing corporate offices.  All the while
longing to
"just be making art", I looked for a simpler vocation
that would support that vision.  

After working in many mediums including pottery, stained
glass and jewelry, I have discovered I am primarily a
.  This would explain why I have such an abundance of
yarn, wool roving, silk fabric, leather, fleece, sticks, feathers,
shells and beads

ach scarf and wrap is made by hand, one at a time, with  
unique fabrics I have created by using any number of the
following techniques:

"Nuno Felt" is conceived after adding a thin layer of wool
roving, warm water and a little soap to silk fabric and then a
whole lot of elbow grease to coax the fibers into becoming one.  
This results in a wonderfully textured light weight fabric with  a
beautiful drape.

"Fiber Etching" creates gorgeous, flowing semi-transparent silk
by carving away the rayon fibers of velvet or satin with etching
solution and leaving sheer areas of silk chiffon.

"Serti" is a French word meaning to encircle or surround.  In the
serti technique, a resist is used to contain flowable dye within a
design shape on fabric such as silk.

Since my work is not mass-produced, I typically attract
llectors who understand and appreciate the value of hand-
goods.  They realize the uniqueness of what I do.
A person wears a “Dorian Original” for just that
it is a one-of-a-kind wearable work of art.
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